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As a college graduate who is now trying to find that perfect job, I try to remain positive in my approach to life and finding jobs. I’ll often post uplifting posts and inspirational messages just so I can keep that positive outlook that is so important when the going gets tough. Stop back by when you need a little lift or just stop by to get a quote for the day to share with your friends. It can make the heart and soul happier!

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Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attack

Dec 10

Even though you have never experienced an anxiety attack, one of the ways to fully understand anxiety is through knowing about its symptoms. The key to understanding these attacks is in the body’s internal system.

Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

The body’s nervous system has developed over a number of millennia. For the most part, the human race has faced, head on, significant threats from ferocious animals, extreme weather conditions, and other people as well.

Because of this, the brain has evolved to figure out a way to respond instantaneously to these signs of trouble or danger, and more often than not, even before we become fully aware of it.

Traditional and Alternative Gout Remedies

Traditional and Alternative Gout Remedies

Dec 01

Gout is a form of arthritis. It usually appears in male patients ages 40 to 50 and in female patients after menopause. Symptoms include pain in swollen and stiff joints. It is usually caused by build up of uric acid when the body overproduces it or can’t expel it properly. In some cases, this is caused by medications taken for other illnesses.  Since the symptoms of gout mimic other, more serious diseases, you should not try any of the gout remedies available without a prescription until you are diagnosed using a blood test or through lab analysis of fluid from a swollen and stiff joint.

Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Bean

Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Bean

Nov 10

Dr.OZ show:

The world’s most recognized doctor OZ featured in his TV health green coffee bean extract as a miracle fat burner. This when converted as a weight loss supplement can act as a magical pill for anyone to lose weight at a comfortable pace without any negative side effects.